ADA Power Sand Basic-S
  • ADA Power Sand Basic-S
  • ADA Power Sand Basic-S

ADA Power Sand Basic-S

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  • POWER SAND BASIC is a successor product of Power Sand, which combines porous materials with organic nutrients and delayed-release inorganic nutrients. Moreover, it contains Bacter 100 and Clear Super, which quickly increase microorganisms in the substrate. 1 liter (L) bag is available for small aquariums.
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POWER SAND BASIC, mainly consisting of natural porous volcanic stone, is a substrate soil blended with organic nutrients for nurturing soil microorganisms and slow-release inorganic nutrients, which are absorbed by the roots of aquatic plants. In addition, Bacter 100 and Clear Super are added to quickly activate soil microorganisms. POWER SAND ADVANCE is a substrate soil, containing more nutrients than POWER SAND BASIC, with added Bacter 100, Clear Super and BC Powder (fine bamboo charcoal). POWER SAND BASIC and ADVANCE, with their rich nutrients and soil microorganisms, recreate the soil ecosystem which helps to promote the healthy growth of aquatic plants for a long period. 


Optional size for POWER SAND BASIC is Small size only. POWER SAND ADVANCE is available in Small, Medium, Large size based on granule size. Please choose the size according to the depth of your aquarium tank. (Small: up to 40cm in depth, Medium: 45-60cm depth, Large: 60cm in depth or greater) Please choose the corresponding type, size and amount based on the below chart.

W30 x D30 x H30cm) S (1l) x 1 -
W45 x D27 x H30 (cm) S (1l) x 1 -
W60 x D30 x H36 (cm)  S (2 l) x 1 S (2 l) x 1
W90 x D45 x H45 (cm) - M (6 l) x 1
W180 x D630 x H60 (cm) - L (6 l) x 3

Rinsing with water before use is NOT necessary.

Place adequate amounts of the substrate additives (Bacter 100 Clear Super, Tourmaline BC) on the top of POWER SAND as necessary. *POWER SAND BASIC contains the main ingredients of Bacter 100 and Clear Super. POWER SAND ADVANCE furthermore contains BC Powder (fine bamboo charcoal). POWER SAND performs sufficiently by itself. However if you would like to get a higher effect, using it with the substrate additives is recommended. 

Please spread Aqua Soil (sold separately) over POWER SAND and substrate additives, and level the surface. 

When filling an aquarium with water, pour water gently on a plate or a board to avoid the POWER SAND to be exposed. 

Because POWER SAND contains organic nutrient with rich nitrogen, high levels of ammonium (NH4) or nitrite (NO2) may be detected if the tank is just set up and microorganisms have not yet colonized sufficiently on the filtration media or substrate. At the initial setup of a tank, use activated carbon (such as anthracite or NA CARBON) as a filtration media and change water frequently.

Before releasing living organisms such as fish and shrimps into the tank, examine the water quality using PACK CHECKER and make sure that ammonium (NH) or nitrite (NO2) are not detected. In case they are detected, wait for a certain period of time and release the organisms when they are not detected anymore.

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