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List of products by brand Glamorca

Active filters

Glamorca Reverse Osmosis R01
  • The GLAMORCA reverse osmosis system is equipped with an additional cartridge after the membrane to remove the smallest residues of silicates and nitrates. It is thus possible to obtain water with a retention rate of more than 99%, with a total dissolved solids TDS close to 0 or even 0.
  • The GLAMORCA reverse osmosis system can produce up to 380 liters of osmosis water per day, under optimal conditions.
Glamorca Sediment Filter
  • The sediment filter removes sediment particles such as sand, silt, dirt, rust and other impurities down to a nominal size of 5 microns.
  • Do not use when water is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality. For the system to function optimally, it is essential that the requirements for operation, maintenance and filter replacement are carried out as planned.