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Amazonia is substrate material, rich in organic acid and nutrients, promoting the growth of aquatic plant roots.

By combining with Power Sand, it becomes the ideal substrate for plants.

AQUA SOIL SERIES is a substrate material ideal for growing aquatic plants. Unlike some of the substrate soils available in market that is chemically treated to avoid water hardness to rise, AQUA SOIL SERIES lowers the TH level by the natural property of the soil itself and creates the mildly acidic water condition most acquatic plants prefer.

AQUASOIL is composed of excellent form and density, so plants' roots develop better compared to marine sand or other substrate soils, AQUA SOIL SERIES, a natural soil with special heat treatment, is a completely new type of substrate soil. 

Using POWER SAND (sold separately) along with this product enhances the rapid colonization of bacteria in the substrate and creates the ideal environment for plants' roots. 

Three kinds of substrate soils, AMAZONIA, AFRICANA and MALAYA, inspired by the world's three largest tropical forests where most acquatic plants are originated in, recreate scenery of each tropical rainforest in an aquarium tank.

Rinsing in water before use is NOT necessary.

The 9l bag is the standard amount necessary to set up a regular 60cm aquarium tank (W60xD36xH36cm).

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